BELIV is providing training on Kaizen principles –

  • 6k/6s training – Work place organization and Productivity improvement tools
  • AM – Autonomous maintenance training to create competent operators , who can take care of his machine
  • SMED – SINGLE MINUTE EXCHANGE DIE help to achieving the change over operation under 10 minutes
  • 7QC TOOLS – This tools help a average person to easily analyze and interpret the data

BELIV’s other activities

  • Hold Monthly review meeting as per Value stream wise
  • Motivating the employees
  • Analyzing the Data of all department and keep eye on their performance
  • Providing support and Documentation of all in-house projects
  • Providing support to all the department in terms of Kaizen standards etc.

Beliv Mentors

  • Chief Mentor – Sanjay Brahmbhatt
  • Mentor – Charanjeet Singh
  • Mentor – Okello
  • Mentor – Daniel  Onayo
  • Mentor Tranee- Patrick Omondi
  • Mentor Tranee – Joram