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About Us

Blowplast Ltd has operated Kaizen principles and 6S/6K quality systems for more than 10 years and leads the field in technology and processes. It provides the market with a superior product and exceptional service levels.
The company deals with edible oil, lube oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint, cosmetics, juice and dairy Industries.
We export to over 18 countries in Africa, including, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Benin, Guinea, Liberia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Somali, Sudan, Angola, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Cameroon.
Blowplast’s production facilities include blow moulding, injection moulding, injection-blow moulding, Bucket Machines, shrink wrapping, cap wadding, leak testers, products labeling, printing and grinders.

Core Values

Professional Partner

We are a partner to the businesses we serve. We listen to their needs and using our technical proficiency, professional expertise and guidance to deliver products that meet expectations. We add value where it is needed through being a flexible partner who is willing to offer advice and clear communication on product options with fair delivery and payment terms. We never over promise, we know our capabilities and we work with, and support our partners to deliver optimal solutions and outcomes.


Quality is our Priority

We create products to meet purpose and we do so with a focus on maintaining the highest quality standards in terms of cleanliness, accuracy, precision and uniformity of product output. In our operations, we are always seeking to reduce waste and find ways to deliver the same quality standards in less time, with less scrap and less labor. In line with Kaizen principles we encourage continuous improvement, learning and adoption of best practice. We see the maintenance of standards as a duty and this speaks to the integrity that exists at every level of the company.


Results Driven

We started as a family business and we hold family values of encouragement, appreciation and understanding. Alongside this is our strict commitment to, and expectation of results delivery, with team members demonstrating hard work, diligence and productivity to meet targets and deadlines. We believe a supportive environment and a result’s driven culture can exist together. This allows us to deliver an effcient and transparent service to businesses, whilst creating a healthier and happier company workplace.


Good Citizenship

We understand we have a responsibility to our employees and the world outside our company. We aim to lead by example and set a standard in delivering an inspiring and motivating work space, as well as systems and processes that offer tangible professional and personal growth. With our products, we are constantly innovating to see how we can use less plastic whilst delivering the same quality designs and functionality for our partners. We are committed to reducing plastic waste released into the environment and we are always learning from, and working towards global best practice for environmental protection.


Over the years Blowplast Ltd has received a number of awards that recognize our achievements. These awards are testament to Blowplast’s position as industry leader and our dedication to advancement and innovation.

Award List

  • •   CEO of the year award – COYA 2021
  • •   Manager of the year award First runner-up – COYA 2021
  • •   Productivity and Quality of the year award – COYA 2021
  • •   Financial Management of the year award – COYA 2021
  • •   Manager of the year award – COYA 2017
  • •   CEO of the Year award COYA 2015
  • •   Information Technology and Management COYA award 2010
  • •   Innovation and Creativity COYA award 2009
  • •   Productivity Improvement COYA award 2009
  • •   Information and Knowledge management award COYA (Company of the year ) award 2008
  • •   Top 100 Companies KPMG Kenya 2008
  • •   Manager of the year award COYA 2006
  • •   Most Practicing company Kaizen 2005