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Our Ethos

Built for the Future

Where Do We Set Our Sights?

At Blowplast we understand the world is ever evolving and any business must respond to that by taking a leading role in innovation, responsibility and impact, helping to be a positive force for today and shape the future of tomorrow. This unites our focus and ambition as a business. It shapes our wider purpose and direction in the world. Our vision is a modern and responsible manufacturing industry capable of meeting the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

What Guides Us Every Day?

To realize our vision, we must be true to the philosophy, beliefs and aspirations that guide us in our daily operations. In delivering the highest standards of manufacturing solutions, we also recognize the wider responsibilities we have to our team, our partners and the world around us. This means we are a company committed to being ‘Built for the Future’. What is ‘Built for the Future’? It is a culture of individual support and professional growth, excellence in solutions and service to our business partners, and a focus on innovation and socially responsible business practice to create profitable growth and positive lasting impact. ‘Built for the Future’ is our Brand Promise. It is what we stand for and what we deliver. BUILT FOR

Our Corporate Vision

To become the GLOBAL LEADER in creating value to all stakeholders.

Our Corporate Mission

Exceed the expectations of stakeholders through commitment, innovation and continual improvement.