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Our Products

Blowplast provides the highest quality plastic packaging for a range of industries including petrochemical, lubricants, edible oils, cosmetics, paint, pharmaceutical, juice and dairy.

Blowplast Limited is committed to the manufacture of quality plastic containers that dependably meet regulatory and customer requirements. We are KEBS certified and operate the quality management system of the organisation in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard based on the risk assessments.

We continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through liaising with clients and suppliers and setting and reviewing quality objectives to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Edible Oil and Beverage

The edible oil and beverage industries has exceptionally high quality standards. We bring a strong shelf presence and impressive packaging to most brands. Our packaging for edible oils, water, dairy, ice- cream and yogurt are found on supermarket shelves across the length and breadth of the region.

Lube Oil

Our product portfolio includes secure, durable and customised jerry cans and Closures for the lubricant industry products like engine oil, break fluids etc..


Cosmetics and Home Care

Packaging that is appealing to the eye and to the touch is important in the cosmetics and home care industry. The shape, function, and design of closures and containers are key factors that give our clients an edge over the competition. It takes unique and customized designs to preserve the chemical composition and fragrance of products in this category.

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Our pharmaceuticals and chemicals packaging products give assurance against climatic conditions, natural, physical and synthetic perils. The packaging guarantees sufficient soundness of the product all through the time frame of realistic usability.


Plastic Caps & Closures

Utilising high volume with the latest technology systems, our design and development team ensure a cost-effective cap or close that’s optimised for your product or packaging design.


At Blowplast we understand the world is ever evolving and any business must respond to that by taking a leading role in innovation, responsibility and impact, helping to be a positive force for today and shape the future of tomorrow. We use world-class technology to offer innovative solutions to our customers by continually investing in the latest technology to remain at the forefront of producing quality plastic packaging for our clients, both domestic as well as international.


Blow Moulding

We produce bottles in HDPE, PP and PVC materials with volumes ranging from 5 ml to 25 litres. Leak detectors are also installed to ensure consistent product quality.

Injection Moulding

Blowplast uses injection moulding machines that offers advanced solutions like cube technology, two component moulding, in-mould closing, and robot-assist to successfully meet customer requirements.


Where Do We Set Our Sights?

Blowplast Limited is committed to the provision of safe food packaging materials for milk, juice, edible oil, yogurt, etc that meets customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. The management is also committed to the establishment and maintenance of the highest standard of hygiene during production thereby ensuring that high standards of product/food safety are realized at all times.

By implementing the ISO 22000:2018 food safety management system in which a full hazard analysis and control has been we ensure that there is complete risk management of food safety.

We following stringent quality vetting procedures for incoming raw materials, packaging materials and on-line process checks to ensure the production of safe packaging materials that meet or exceed customer expectations. By training of staff and our associates on food safety issues.By setting up of food safety objectives, as appropriate.

Health and Safety

Blowplast Limited is committed to, the health and safety of its employees at work and of persons not in employment who, may be visiting temporarily in its establishments by providing, a healthy and safety environment. Establishing and maintaining a health, safety and environment committee.Providing adequate information, instructions and training for employees.

Suppying and maintaining suitable work equipment, safety equipment and personal protective clothing where appropriate. Regularly reviewing and auditing the health, safety and environment arrangements and policies.